RFS Fuel Econo Run 2015

The RFS fuel Econo Run is a 2 day annual event at the end of August, which takes place on a variety of roads at varied speeds in order to simulate real world conditions, whilst saving fuel. Skilled riders representing a range of motorcycle brands, ride their motorcycles as conservatively as possible, bearing in mind that they need to attain fairly high average speeds. The key is to keep the speeds up through corners and avoid harsh acceleration. This makes the event more challenging than one might expect, especially when final results can be separated by millilitres. It is also no secret that the roads in Mpumalanga meander their way through the mountains, so there are not that many straights to make up time, economically that is.

This year’s event took place from Montana in Pretoria and then headed east towards Mpumalanga, with 2 nights accommodation at the Hotel Numbi in Hazyview. Conditions were near perfect with no sign of the usual August winds. After day 1 it was evident that previous records would be shattered, although most riders did not divulge how well they were actually doing. For many riders the event is seen as a fun weekend away, however competitiveness soon takes over with riders trying every trick in the book to be as stingy as possible. Wind resistance plays a big role, so in many instances you will find the riders huddled in behind their screens. Quite an odd site, especially when they not going as fast as they look.



Due to there being a range of motorcycles available in the market place the emphasis is on the capabilities of the different motorcycles within their relevant classes. There is however acknowledgement for the overall winner. It must be mentioned that not all brands are represented at the event, however with the increase in fuel prices and more people turning to motorcycles for daily transport, we do encourage them to join us in the future.

After 948.5km, Shado Alston on a Honda NC750X earned the award for using the least fuel on the event. Once calculated at the final refuel he had only used 25.82 litres giving him a very impressive 2.7 litres/ 100km.



This year would see 3 bikes dip below the 3 litre/100km milestone. Gareth Floweday on a Yamaha YZF-R3 whom also won the rookie award achieved 2.83 litres / 100km and Grant Scott from ZA Bikers managed 2.89 litres / 100km on a KTM RC390


Team Bavarian Motorcycles, a leading BMW dealership from Centurion won the team award with excellent results within a broader spectrum of classes. Denver Biggs, a previous winner of the Econo Run who also rode for team Bavarian became the first competitor to achieve less than 4litres/100km on an adventure bike above a 1000cc, His bike of choice the latest BMW R1200GS LC.


Lady rider Glynese De Villiers received the award for the first lady with some pretty impressive figures on her Ducati ST4S (996)

A highlight of the event was that the competitors along with title sponsor RFS managed to raise R34000 for the “Good work foundation” through a raffle of sponsored prizes. Once again showing how great the biking community is! Well done to all involved!


2015 RFS Econo Run Results


If you would like to enter in next years event visit: www.econorun.co.za

Article by ZA Bikers

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