After weeks of intense negotiations between various Automotive Associations, and following a press conference from Department of Trade and Industry today, the Association of Motorcycle Importers & Distributors is very pleased to announce that the Motorcycle Industry is able to return to work alongside their Automotive colleagues with immediate effect.

Minister Patel yesterday announced specific regulations pertaining to the conditions under which vehicles, including motorcycles, can be retailed and repaired. The retail and repair businesses will follow a phased approach up to 8 June 2020 after which Dealerships can operate at 100% level. Importers/Distributors are able to wholesale vehicles into their respective Dealer networks.

The good news is that retail and emergency repairs are not restricted to persons or organisations engaged in specific Level essential services. Emergency repairs basically include all repairs and service required to keep a vehicle safe and roadworthy, which includes routine service as required by a manufacturer. It does however exclude all repairs and warranty/recall actions which are essentially of a cosmetic nature.

Dealerships and OEM Suppliers will have to operate under strict health and trading conditions as contained in the Regulations, for the protection of both customers and employees.

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