MOTORCYCLE MARKET COMMENT – Year ended December 2021

At the start of 2021 there was a great deal of uncertainty with regards to what the pandemic would do and how it would affect the motorcycle market. As the year progressed, there were clear signs that we were back on track in most segments of the market. It is therefore gratifying to announce that the new motorcycle market grew by 26.7% compared to 2020, with total sales topping out at 26 148 units. Importantly, 2021 was also up 25% on 2019.


Most segments performed well with an increase between 1 and 30% year on year. The commercial segment particularly stands out in terms of numbers, which comes as no surprise, given the tremendous growth in commercial delivery demand. The 250-500cc leisure/commuting motorcycle segment remains challenged with a disappointing decline of 36% for the year. As was stated previously, this is perhaps indicative of a perception that this segment is expensive relative to what one can buy, but also that the typical buyer in this segment could be experiencing financial stress. ATV and Side by Side sales remain affected by stock shortages but have nonetheless experienced excellent growth across all segments.


Electric motorcycles and 3 wheelers form a statistically insignificant portion of the market and sales were flat compared to 2020.


Used motorcycle sales statistics for the full year are not yet available from RTMC. Although projections are that they could have increased as much as 25% on 2020, they were only up 2% on 2019, indicating that the used market is more or less where it is expected to be.


Given the good results for 2021, the industry is optimistic and looking forward to continuing the growth pattern in 2022.



Issued by Arnold Olivier, National Director, AMID

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