The Association of Motorcycle Industry Distributors started out informally way back in 1975 when a number of motorcycle importers realised that there are matters of common interest to the Industry and they need to occasionally talk to one another. It was formalised in 1981.

AMID is not a governing body or a regulator. It looks after the common interests of its Members, who are officially appointed motorcycle importers and distributors.

AMID has three broad objectives.

Firstly it records and maintains new motorcycle sales statistics in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Secondly, it represents its Members to interested third parties, which parties range from Institutions such as NDOT, DTI, SARS, RTMC, SANRAL, SABS, NRCS, SARB, NAAMSA, NAADA, MSA, MASA, MIOSA, Finance and Insurance Institutions and related. In short, anybody that represents an organisation and who conducts business which may affect motorcycles.

Lastly, the Association has a broad mandate to promote motorcycling. To achieve this the Association has been involved in numerous promotional activities over the years. The most notable being a Motorcycle and Quad Lifestyle Expo, which was first held at Kyalami in 2001. This Expo moved to The Dome, then Zwartkops, NASREC and finally back to Kyalami. Due to present economic conditions, this Expo is on hold until further notice.

The Association maintains an office in Sandton, is presently headed up by National Director Arnold Olivier who can be contacted on or 083 627 9824